Dam Reliable Storage & Sales

DAM Reliable Storage & Sales is a family owned and run self-storage facility. We have multiple sized non-climate controlled drive-up self-storage units by way of “new grade A” shipping containers. We also will soon have outdoor storage spots for boats, trailers, RV’s, cars, trucks, etc.

Unlike many other self-storage facilities, DAM Reliable Storage and Sales does not use the traditional roll up door storage units. Instead, DAM Reliable has reallocated “new grade A” shipping containers into storage lockers for drive-up self-storage units. All our shipping containers are purchased in new condition. Shipping container units have some benefits over their roll up door counterparts.

Firstly, these containers are much more secure than a typical roll up door unit. Our units feature heavy duty doors made out of solid steel and have another steel plate in front of the lock, making it impossible to cut the lock off.

In addition to the improved security of a shipping containers, our units completely seals, preventing any unwanted critters from getting to your belongings. Most storage facilities with roll-up doors are more susceptible to rodents because they are not completely sealed.

At DAM Reliable Storage and Sales we only use “New” grade shipping containers for our self-storage units. What this means is that these units have been used to ship very little and with care to prevent any liquid spills or anything that produces strong odors. If the unit is damaged in anyway upon delivery it is graded B and we do not use it. The units have plywood down so your belongings are off the cold metal.

Our outdoor storage area is a giant parking lot. You lease your spot by selecting one of 3 available sizes based on the size of what you are storing. This is your personal spot until you decide to stop leasing. Most outdoor storage for recreational vehicles have you leave your possession and they will park it somewhere on the compound and cramming in many vehicles limiting access for you when you want it. At DAM Reliable Storage and Sales you park in your spot and can access your possession when you need it.